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Auto Insurance in Chandler

Chandler residents looking to purchase a Car Insurance or Auto Insurance policy should know the following thing about what effects your Car Insurance rates and how to take steps now to lower your Car Insurance quotes before you call.

So for new car buyers what you want to think about as you decide whether to buy a Gas or an Electric vehicle which one is really going to cost you more when it comes to your Car Insurance rates.  Many people think they are going to save money with an Electric Car or Vehicle but may not realize that an electric vehicle if in an accident is probably going to cost you a lot more in repairs than a gas vehicle would. So be aware as you do your car shopping as the type of new vehicle you buy will affect your Car Insurance Quote.

Parents who have a new driver in the home this information is for you!  Your Car insurance quote for your teen drive can go up or down based on some of the following information.  You teen's insurance quote is going to be based on some of the following factors.  Are you getting an Insurance quote for a new car or a used car for your teen?  You child's grades can significantly lower your child's Car Insurance Quote.  State Farm offers multiple discounts to help lower your child's Car Insurance costs.  We offer Drivers Training Certificate discount. If your child attends an accredited Driving school where an instructor drives with them and trains them then they will receive a discount on their Auto Insurance rates.

If your teen keeps their grades at a 3.0 or above and attend school full time they can apply for our Student Discount and again lower their auto insurance quote.

The Steer clear program is designed to lower your teens Auto Insurance by placing an app on their phone that will track their first 5 driving experiences and after meeting with me to discuss and evaluate their driving practices. This if for teens who have never been in an accident or have had a ticket.

So these are just a few tips for our Chandler Residents who are looking for Auto Insurance. Our Chandler office is conveniently located at Gilbert Rd and Chandler Heights.  I hope you will call us today for a Free no obligation quote for all your Chandler Car, Boat, Homeowner, and life insurance needs!

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