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  • Progressive Auto Insurance Company

    The Progressive Corporation is an American insurance company. It is one of the largest providers of car insurance in America. The company insures motorcycles, boats, RVs and commercial vehicles, and provides home insurance through select companies.

    Progressive insures over 18 million drivers, and we're the third largest auto insurance company.** Why do millions of drivers trust us? It's simple: our unmatched value. We offer plenty of coverages, 24/7 service, and discounts such as safe driver, sign online, multi car, and more.†† Get a car insurance quote today and we'll automatically add your eligible discounts.

    Liability (bodily injury and property damage) Covers damages you cause to others 

    If you're at fault in an auto accident, liability covers damages you cause. That could mean damage to other vehicles, property (mailbox, street sign, house, etc.), or even other drivers'/passengers' injuries. Plus, liability covers you if someone sues you over an accident.

    Comprehensive and collision Covers damage to your car 

    These are two separate auto insurance coverages. Comprehensive covers incidents out of your control: theft, vandalism, hitting an animal, fire, acts of nature, and glass damage. Collision covers car accidents.

    Medical payments Covers your injuries 

    Pays for medical costs if you, your passengers, or your family members are injured in a car accident (no matter who is driving). Medical payments coverage can be beneficial even if you have health insurance, as there is no deductible you have to meet before we pay out.

    Rental car reimbursement Covers rental car fees 

    Pays for your rental car fees while your vehicle is being repaired from a covered loss (that just means damages we or another insurance company pays for and not general maintenance).

    Loan/lease payoff Helps pay off your loan when your car is totaled 

    Loan/lease payoff is also called gap insurance. If your car is totaled, we'll help pay off the balance of your loan (up to 125% of your vehicle's current value).

    Get an Auto Insurance quote by a Progressive Auto Insurance Agent Today! All Insurance Agents under "Members" offer Quotes from Progressive Auto Insurance. Click on their photo and you will have access to their local information or you can Click Here to see all agents on this site that offer Progressive Auto Insurance.

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